Info ropejam

Info Ropejam

Who is it for:

- For anyone who likes to tie or likes to be bound.

- Both for experienced riggers and beginners.

- For anyone who likes to watch and enjoy this without their own interaction in peace and quiet. 

In other words, everyone who likes ropes, passive or active, is welcome. 

It is NOT a play party or bondage workshop, you can enjoy each other's rope session with pleasant company, a quiet chat and/or a drink, but please be discreet and let others enjoy their rope session without disturbing them. 

What you definitely need:

- rope (or purchase it there and then),

- safety scissors or safety knife. (forgotten tell us and we will tell you where ours is available),

- a mat or carpet and possibly a pillow and/or a blanket. (aftercare)

For suspensions, a truss is provided with various suspension points and hoists.
Bamboo suspension points will also be present.

When using it, it is assumed that you know what you are doing, and there will certainly be someone in the background who follows your actions, to make sure that you know what you are doing.

Some rules:
- Have respect for others, leave your ego at home, share your experience, knowledge and if you have a question, ask it AFTER someone has done their rope session, don't disturb someone else if you see that they are in some kind of flow.
- Everything must of course be done safely, the organizers are authorized to stop you if necessary.
- If you have any doubts about safety, feel free to ask someone questions or notify the organization if you see something that is not               acceptable.
- Underwear stays on. (the rest can go out)
- Impact play during your rope session is allowed.
- No alcohol or other drugs. (you can smoke outside in the designated area)
- Taking photos of your own work is allowed, but make sure you have permission for this too, and that no others are in the photo.
- Sexual acts or extensive bdsm play are NOT allowed.
- Try to speak softly so as not to disturb the others.

Where ?

Of course AFTER our KRR fair at the same location in Aarschot in the Stadsfeestzaal.

When ?

We start from 8pm this until 1am

Cost of access : 10 €/person, or a combi ticket at 15 €/person, this is then for the fair from 1pm to 7pm and rope jam from : 8pm to 1am

If you have any questions after reading, send us a message at and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.