Send us your details and we will send you the registration form.

For Edition 2 (16/03/2024) we still have 2 places:

1 x 2 x 3 meters

1 x 2 or 3 meters x 8 meters

If you would like to be there for edition 3 (24/08/2024), please send us a request now because we will start registrations from 17/03/2024 and first is first!

Some important facts for our exhibitors:

- We keep our m² price as low as possible so that it is more interesting for you to attend.

- The booth spaces are standard 2 meters deep, There is also the option to get a depth of 3 meters, but those options are


- We keep the entrance price as low as possible so that visitors do not drop out on the entrance price.

- Sufficient free parking is provided for both exhibitors and trade fair visitors.

- We will provide you with a digital flyer and possibly an avatar that you can use to help us make the fair a success,

   because after all, more visibility means more visitors.

- On the date of 30/08/2024 there are already 9 exhibitors registered and +200 interested visitors for the fair

- Do you dare to risk NOT being present at this event with a square meter price of only 7.5€ ex vat ?

- After the fair there is RopeJam from 8 pm, You are free to join us.

- Free toilet is provided for our exhibitors by showing your exhibitors wristband to the toilet lady.

Prices :

- Open surface €7.5 excl. VAT pro square meter.

- Rent table (180 x 70) 10€ excl VAT

- Rent chair 2€ excl VAT

-Power point at your stand €25 excl VAT